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Caring for Children
If you're a parent or child care professional (or want to become one), if you want to improve your child care skills, this course will teach you how to care for the children in your life with confidence and ease. You'll learn how to keep children safe, how to create an effective learning environment in your home, how to encourage healthy habits, and how to promote physical activity. You will discover techniques to help children communicate, solve problems, develop social skills, and build self-esteem. You'll also learn quick and easy ways to give yourself time to re-connect and meet your own needs.

Understanding Adolescents Course
In this course, an experienced social worker will help you gain a deep understanding and appreciation of your adolescent's development and behavior. You'll uncover the secrets of the adolescent mind and gain valuable information on how they think, how they feel, and how their identities develop.

Parenting The Normal Teen
Parenting the Normal Teen is a faith-based parenting class designed to empower and support parents and children as they navigate the storms of adolescence. Religious affiliation is not a prerequisite for either taking or benefiting from the class. The class is, however, permeated with Christian principles which are embraced across denominational lines. Parents of preteens wishing to prepare themselves during the "calm-before-the-storm," as well as parents who are in the midst of the normal storms of adolescence will want to take this class.

Solution Focused Parenting with Difficult Teens
This is a hands-on, how-to-do-it course that is under girded by sound theory, but it is not a theoretical course. The principles and techniques have been tested in the laboratory of life. Solution Focused Parenting with Difficult Teens was originally developed for parents of teens who had been placed in residential treatment facilities by the state, but it will work with any teenager. You will learn how to close the door on past failures, search for solutions that are a best-fit for you--not some make-believe parent and child--how to form and implement change plans, and how to avoid the seven traps that kids set for their parents. In one sense, all teens are difficult. That's part of the growing up process


How To Parent A Teenager

As parents it's sometimes difficult to know where you stand with teenagers? As children they looked up to you for everything, now they want you to drop them round the corner so you won't embarrass them in front of their friends! But they still need love and support and someone to listen to them.


Parenting Skills

It has been said that parenting is the most difficult job, and the most important responsibility, you will ever have in your life. Unfortunately, you receive little or no formal training in parenting, yet you are constantly criticized for every mistake you make. Usually, we either do what our parents did, or we do the exact opposite, depending on our opinion of the parenting we received.



How Kids Grow: Defining Normal Behavior

If we know what to expect at each stage of development, it is easier to decide if our child's behavior is "normal." These stages are approximate. The age isn't as important as the progression. Some children reach a stage faster, some reach it slower.


Nine Steps to More Effective Parenting

Raising children is one of the toughest and most fulfilling jobs in the world - and the one for which you may feel the least prepared. Here are some ways to tackle your child-rearing responsibilities that will help you feel more fulfilled as a parent, and enjoy your children more, too.


General Guidelines for Parenting

My basic rule of parenting is: There are no rules. The same thing will not work for everybody and things that work for nearly everybody won't always work. By experience, I've found that it is better to prevent problems than solve them. The following guidelines are as close to "rules" as I care to get.


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