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Basic Principles of Air Distribution
Basic principles of air distribution as related to air device selection is fundamental knowledge that an HVAC engineer or designer should understand before selecting air devices. ASHRAE standards and codes have adopted criterion that suggests that air devices are an integral part of good ventilation effectiveness in buildings. In this course the student will learn some of the basic principles of air distribution as related to grilles, diffusers and air outlet selections and applications. - 2 PDH

Filtration and Air Cleaning Systems
In this course the student will learn about air-filtration and air-cleaning issues associated with protecting building environments from an airborne chemical, biological, or radiological (CBR) attack. The source document provides information about issues that should be considered when assessing, installing, and upgrading filtration systems along with the types of threats that can be addressed by air-filtration and air-cleaning systems. It is intended to provide guidance regarding measures that may be taken to prepare for a potential CBR attack, rather than in response to an actual CBR event. - 5 PDH

Grilles and Diffusers
Selection of supply air outlets is sometimes taken for granted. Engineers, designers and contractors tend to underestimate the importance of this product in the completion of an HVAC system design. In this course the student will learn some of the basics of supply outlet classifications, installations and application considerations. - 3 PDH

HVAC Electrical Considerations
In this course the student will learn some of the basic electrical considerations in the building industry that relate to the equipment in the building. These electrical considerations have an impact on the selection and design of the building HVAC systems and likewise how the HVAC equipment impacts the electrical system design for the building. - 2 PDH


Duct Sealing

Ducts are an integral part of a forced-air heating or cooling system and their purpose is to circulate air to evenly heat and cool your home. Unfortunately, ducts are often leaky reducing the efficiency of your heating and cooling systems by 20 percent.



Home Tutorial

Heating and cooling systems in the home.




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